Here I go again, copying another super cute idea

I have never claimed to have any original ideas of my own, but I HAD to try this


Let me just say, this was super easy and fun

I used a post card template on pages and put them together in a snap, ours are not as fancy, but I think they still turned out pretty cute.

The hardest part was getting Hazel to pose

She has a strong aversion to all things anyone else wants her to do that she does not.

FINALLY we got one usable shot

Let me tell you, it took a lot of bribery

Here is our version of this personal, cheap, and fun card!

Hazel, of course, signed her own name and added the sticker bling

A few of the rejects.  I will admit, these pics are kind of sad, just know she wasn’t being tortured.  Unless you consider torture being forced to stand by a wall and take a picture then, yes, she was being tortured.

worst. mom. ever.

Okay this one makes me want to cry

Smiling through tears

complete melt down

Happy Valentines Day!



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