Toilet Training is one of those touchy parenting topics.  Everyone, it seems, has different approaches/opinions of the best methods. In my very brief time working in Early Childhood there was no greater topic of concern and anxiety.

Let me just say, it is my personal experience that a child “learns” when they are ready

Don’t get me wrong, we help along the way, but ultimately, it is their choice when to be “trained”

We put Hazel through potty boot camp and at the end of it, nothing, not until two months later when she was actually ready and started going on the potty all the time.

We took the opposite approach with Callum

We introduced it, that was it.

He had no interest until he recently realized peeing in the shower was fun.  He began holding his nightly pee till shower time then he got to watch it go down the drain.  A completely accidental, yet highly effective, approach to toilet training.  At that point we started suggesting he, less grossly, pee in the toilet, and he obliged.  Today he has gone all day in the toilet and remained completely dry.  Now I am not getting ahead of myself mind you, and I am definately not bragging, tomorrow we could be back at square one.  However, the real “A Ha!”  moment that came to me and I wanted to share, was when I realized that they really do “get it” in their own time.  Impatience, annoyance, and force on my part do nothing but hinder the “learning” process of it all.  I feel our lack of interest (laziness), with “training” Callum, has just made him all the more interested/curious.  Forcing Hazel, in all her independence, proved ineffective.

Every child is different.  I guess I am saying don’t cause yourself or your child needless anxiety.  There is no “perfect age.” The toilet learning process can be a great way to demonstrate grace and patience to our children.  I for one am soooooooo excited to have the Jelly Bellies (potty rewards) back in the house!  🙂

Thought this post needed a picture

Daddy and kid boots by our front door

no real correlation with post, just cute


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