We headed down south this past weekend for our nephew, Caleb’s, second birthday party.  With a family as large as Phillip’s, there always seems to be an abundance of people celebrating birthdays around the same time.  Callum, Caleb and Josiah (Phillip’s cousin Jim’s boy) all have birthdays within a week of one another and Finley’s birthday was on the 12th!  Needless to say, there was lots of partying (kid style), cake eating, and present opening.

We had two very tired kids at the end of the weekend.  Hazel and Callum both napped today!  Callum slept for 3 hours.  They partied hard.

We will start with some of my favorites from Caleb’s birthday

It was a camo theme

Papa even brought a cool army truck!

Callum gave Caleb a special birthday hug

Silly girl

Mema with Callum and baby Grant

Timm and Caleb (Caleb was practicing for the candle blow)

The time has finally come, singing has started….

the big moment…..


Everyone clapped and he couldnt have been more proud of himself

So stinkin cute

Next: Josiah’s birthday party

Sunday after church

Seriously, the cutness of these kids whenever they are all together is overwhelming

just the most precious group…..and I am not biased 🙂

the ever growing kids table (not all kids pictured)

Callum really enjoyed sitting with Becky, he found his way to her lap several times

present time!

Hazel Callum even got to open a few

Rapunzel braids from Finley’s “Tangled” themed birthday party.  Aren’t they adorable?! Kacey made them for all the girls.

Uncle David and Baby Nora




I LOVE this picture

matching fork mouthed cousins

and what’s a celebration without a little sassy stank eye?

Happy Birthday to all celebrating in and around February!



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