Partying, that is!!!  Last minute we decided to throw a brunch together for Callum’s birthday.

Here- in lies our struggle with the second child:  We realize, of course, that a big hubbub isn’t always necessary, but at the same time we think, “well, we did it for Hazel.”  So as not to lesson Callum’s second birthday, we compromised on a low-key birthday brunch.

We invited a few friends and family over with less than a weeks notice.  It was a team effort.  Kendra, my sister in law, helped tremendously with preparations the night before and my mom made a TON of food as well.  I thought the party was a smashing success.  Nearly everyone could come and we were overjoyed to have such wonderful people filling our house and celebrating Callum.

Here are some pics from C- man’s birthday bash!

Oh, and also

I CANT BELIEVE HE IS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blowing out all the candles on his bday muffin

(I may have gone overboard with the candles, but he got them all out!)

Also, he startled when everyone started singing to him, hence why I am holding him

P.S. Check out Jasmine’s face in the lower right, haha, she will hate me for this

All of the kids helped open presents

I highly recommend this, everyone was SUPER helpful and they made short work of it 🙂

although, he may have been a tad overwhelmed at times

It was purely wonderful chaos in our tiny house

Joe Cool in his shades from Mema and Papa

Papa, Kendra, baby Grant, and the remains of our delectable food spread 🙂

Caleb stayed and helped Callum break in some of his new toys

He was just being a good cousin

We ended the night with a trip to our favorite ice- cream stop, The Plush Horse, wish I had brought my camera, the kids were so cute…..and sugar crazed hyper.

Thanks again everyone for making Callum’s 2nd birthday a very special one!


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