I turn 30 this year, THIRTY!!!!

My sixteen year old self never thought this day would come

But it has, well not actually till October, but this year I will turn the big 3-0

And let me say, I am usually pretty optimistic but, so far NOT so good

In January I got this crazy debilitating sickness where I ran a fever of 104 for a week.  Then, last week, I started experiencing stabbing pain in my right underboob.  I thought it was possibly gallbladder related and had braced myself for the worst…surgery.  Thankfully after my doctors appointment today, I found out I don’t have gallbladder issues (yet, maybe next month)  I have pleurisy.  WHat the whAt????  I think I read about that in my Little House on The Priaire books.  Do people even get that anymore?  Well, the anser is YES, this old lady does.  Apparently this may be in relation to whatever weird sickness I had back in January.  So if you are keeping track I am 2 for 2 in 2012 for weird illnesses a month. Not too shabby.  I am going to try to keep an optimistic attitude as we come into March, but deep down I am kind of dreading it.

I really am not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I just found it humorous when I got to thinking about it and wanted to share.  Maybe this will help comfort other 30 somethings. The silver lining?  I am on super duper high powered prescription IB Profin and am feeling NO pain.  I probably should ask for a few refills in preparation for the rest of this year :).

One thought on “Getting Old

  1. Don’t go blaming it on the 30s. My 29th year of life was nay good… blame it on the last year of your 20s and look forward to your 30s!!!

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