So this happened yesterday when I was going to meet my cousin Lauren at Davids Bridal in the Quad Cities.

haha, I love that scene.  “Towanda!”  Its from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”

It made me feel so much better after I watched it

Alright, so this wasn’t my situation exactly, I didn’t smash their car.   I was actually turning into the spot with my signal on and a little red car full of teenage girls gunned it and took the spot.  I had to slam on my breaks.  My blood was pumping.  I wanted to lay on my horn, but in Chicago you can get shot for that sort of thing (seriously).  So I pulled up next to their car, rolled down my window and yelled “seriously?!” (I know, very intimidating).  Then I did what any responsible woman lugging two small children around would do, stalked them.  Sure enough they were going into David’s too!  How fun.  I made sure to loudly express my anger about some crazy lady in the parking lot stealing a spot from a mother with two kids.  Then I found her and blazed my crazy eyes at her till she had to look away, lest her eyes melt.  I wasn’t scared, after all, I am a mom.

I know, I know, calm down Amanda!  But road rage is a condition which seriously effects most Chicagoans, I can’t help but get fired up.  While in town visiting one time, My dad pulled over to respectfully let a funeral procession pass and some guy flicked him off.  See what I mean?  It’s cut throat.  So really I did those girls a favor.  Hopefully they learned their lesson because if they come to the city and pull that business a crazy glare will be the least of their concerns. 🙂

Drive Safely and Responsibly!  :)


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