We are pretty weird here at the Squibb house.  I am okay with it, it’s good to be different right?


Point(s) in Case

We make weird faces for pics when our friends come over and play.

At dinner Hazel wanted me to take her picture, so she could do this…..

Weird and gross.

After I left the garage with a full load of laundry to fold,  Hazel scampered quickly in behind me, grabbed her camera, then ran back out to the garage (where the washer and dryer dwell) yelling “NO Callum stay in the dryer so I can take your picture!”

I find this……He is even cheesy smiling for her pic

Mr and Miss Weirdo Squibb

Also we were eating chili the other night and Callum was gobbling it up, that is, until he would encounter a tomato or onion.  I finally realized he was tucking them under his bowl.

crafty weirdo.

One morning they decided to take their breakfast and eat together on the bean bag in Hazel’s room.  I was just glad they were getting along…..which lasted all of three minutes before Hazel slapped Callum with her breakfast bar and cut his lip.  It bled.  Seriously.

Only my children.


Then this morning as I was tidying the kitchen while Callum was playing with play dough  I looked over and realized he had put one of my hair bands in his hair, Rambo style.

super cool lookin weirdo.

My children also pick up sticks and tackel eachother in the front yard….In their Sunday best, of course.

And finally, I decided to go pretty dark at my 3 time a year hair session yesterday  (I just can’t keep up with highlights).  Anyway, last night at bedtime Hazel prayed “Dear Lord Jesus, please help mommy and her black hair.”  I guess she is not a fan :).

Gotta love those little weirdos!


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