I will do a general Colorado trip post after this

(as I am sure EVERYONE is eager with anticipation)

However, I had to devote an entire post to Hazel’s first skiing experience

It was, in a word, adorable.

I said “awwwww” so many times I made myself want to puke, but it was so awwwwww-dorably precious!

The warm sunny weather was a huge help both days she came out.  She didn’t have much to complain about since she wasn’t cold and had the complete undivided attention of both parents.

We tried ski goggles, but she couldn’t breath

Heading up the bunny hill lift for the first time, she loved it.

At first she was kind of like a limp noodle.  Phillip was basically carrying her along.

But once she began to understand the basic fundamentals/feel of skiing, she was better able to hold her own weight and keep balance.

She became comfortable taking the lead down the hill

(Phillip still had steering control)

She kind of just zoned out and let the hill take her away. We had to keep telling her to “pay attention” and “look in front of you.”  She had the tendancy to space out and was more interested in all that was happening around her than actually skiing.

I think skiing, like many things, is easier to learn as a child.  Ones center of gravity is MUCH closer to the ground.

We soon realized skiing, for Hazel, was a means by which she got to take ski lifts, therefore, she tolerated it.  We motivated her down the bigger hills by telling her she could take another lift if we made it to the bottom.  It was a vicious cycle.

Ski lift dismount, pretty hilarious.  He literally would just pick her up by her harness.

*Props to my husband, he never fell once.  He is a far superior skiier than I.  I would have surely fallen on and crushed our daughter by this point.

Day two we made it up to the Continental Divide

“What are you looking at?”

“I asked you first.”

My favorite ski shot

By the end of day two she was still calling skiing “skating” so we aren’t quite sure how much she actually took away from the experience.

No matter, she still looks pretty hardcore. 🙂

And we thoroughly enjoyed thrashing powder with her on the slopes. 🙂


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