Easter 2012

We went down to Salem for Easter again this year

We thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with family

We only had a little over 24 hours in town, but we made the most of it

we did ALOT of eating

We had lunch Friday at Pizza Man, yum

Phillip briefly took the kids 4-wheelin

We played some frisbee with Phillip’s cousin Drew who was in town

Tacos from Chico’s Friday night, yum again

Friday night Mike and Patty watched all the kids so the adults could go see 21 Jump Street.  It was so completely inappropriate, but hilarious.  I laughed out loud so many times I lost track.

Then Sunday we went to church.  I have no pictures of the kids in their nice clothes, it was a rushed morning.

then we ate

dyed eggs

This picture makes me laugh, it looks like Callum has a man hand

ate again

hunted for the eggs

Callum was a champion egg hunter, he had his eyes on the prize, his basket overfloweth

he could barely hold his basket when it was all said and done

The happy hunters

all of the kids were so funny

Caleb was laid back, having fun, just along for the ride

Callum was on a egg- hunting mission

Hazel celebrated after each egg found then stopped to recount her entire basket, she ended up with the least.  (And we were worried she wouldn’t let the boys get any.)

(the picture above captures them perfectly)

Oh well, she was happy with her haul

then we ate some more

and ate

and ate

then it was time to come home

It was a great time and we loved the family and friends gathering Phillip’s parents put together.  We ate outside and enjoyed the company of others, celebrating Easter together.

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