Here is some food for thought and then some literal food

Isn’t Callum’s playdough creation brilliant?

Does anyone else’s child bathe them self in their food?

just curious

Callum does, nearly every meal

Also, my kids love forts and I mean LOVE

they played in these for over an hour yesterday

Okay, so less food for thought, more so, cute pictures and that I needed to fit with the “food” theme 🙂

Now, onto the actual FOOD

I feel selfish that I haven’t shared this recipe yet, it is one of our favorites

quick, easy, and healthy

I think it is called, southwest salad or something like that

It calls for :

4 cups chicken (optional)

1 cup chopped onion

2 cups corn

1 cup chopped cilantro

1 cup chopped roasted red peppers

(the ones in the jar)

1 can of black beans


the sauce 

3 T olive oil

3 T lime juice

4 t honey

2 t cumin

1 t salt

1 t chili powder

1/2 t pepper

mix and serve

isn’t it beautiful?!

The kids enjoyed theirs over tortilla chips with melted cheddar

I prefer the rolled tortilla

a wheat pita is also good, topped with avacado, yum!

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have! Yum Yum!


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