Most of the seven people who read this blog know that we have been itching to move, well, pretty much ever since we got here.  We worked hard on our house (thanks to a ton of help from family and Chris) and made it our home, and now we are ready to move on.  Phillip and I are unique (maybe) in that we both thrive on change.  We are always looking for the next adventure and so on and so forth.   We don’t seem to develop deep roots, probably due to our time on the road with MCT.  Anywho, enough about our therapy sessions :).  Phillip graduates with his MSW next month and so we are beginning the process.  We figured in this market it may take a while to get our house sold.  Where are we moving?  We have no idea.  Phillip has applied for jobs in Colorado, Portland, Seattle, the Middle East, and with the Navy.  So really, it is anyone’s guess at this point.  We will keep you updated when we know….anything.  But for right now we are still here on the south side of Chicago, creepily watching each car that drives by hoping they take a pamphlet from our for sale sign.  🙂


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