It has been a while.  I have so many partially finished blog posts that never made it to print.  Not that we have really been doing anything exciting, besides keeping our house SUPER clean and chasing aound 2 rambunctious kids, which is definitely enough to exhaust me. It just seems like every time I sit down to write I notice a rogue dust ball/spider web or dried snot stripe on the couch that must be erradicated immediately.  Then, I no doubt forget what it was that I was trying to say, and abandon the whole blogging operation.  Which reminds me I still have to vacuum and make an appetizer for MOPS in the morning!!!!  So here is a real quick rundown.

-Phillip has finally finished grad school!  Graduation ceremony is on Friday, yippee!  I feel like it is mine as much as it is his.  We are so proud.

-We have had one measly walk-through.  We are having an open house on Sunday.  Lord help us.

-We still have no idea where we are headed next.

-Phillip smashed his eye into the corner of the bathroom door the other night.  He has a gash along his eyebrow and a nasty black eye.  He sent me a text at work the other night saying “I either need stiches or some butterfly bandaids” we chose bandaids as it was the cheaper of the two options.

-I am done at Starbucks.

-Callum is an almost full time underwear wearer, besides naps and bedtime.  He loves peeing on the pot…pooping is another story so he conveniently does it first thing in the morning.

-Callum’s new favorite phrase “I want al-ki-col (alcohol).”  The other night Phillip made me a margarita.  Upon seeing this Callum demanded his own”juice.”  We told him it wasn’t juice that it was alcohol and babies can’t have alcohol.  To which he replied “I want al-ki-col.” Which of course got a huge laugh, therefore cementing that phrase into his memory.

-lets see……OH!  We got a new blender today!  Yep, I told you, exciting stuff going on.  Our other one had a slow death and seriously sounded like a puppy crying towards the end.  it was disturbing.  Our new one is a “Ninja.”  I am way more excited than I should be to make smoothies.  I strongly believe a true measure of  a blender’s quality is how well it handles ice.  I will keep you posted, expect pictures of that soon 😉

other than that the kids still look pretty much the same

Callum almost always has a mess of some sort all over his face

as Hazel continues to dive deeper into her music


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