He has no need for accolades and didn’t see the point in anyone coming to his graduation.  (He is and will remain angry for the $60 we had to spend on his cap and gown).  He is not a fan of ceremony.  However, the tradition of honoring ongoing education and celebrating hard earned accomplishments is something that won’t be taken lightly.

We are all so proud of Phillip for the hard work he has put in over these past three years.  Balancing work, school, family and life has been EXTREMELY challenging (for all of us at times) but he finally crossed the finish line this morning as he received his diploma on the UIC stage.  Thus, ending a long 3 year journey, with a perfect 4.0 might I add, (now I might be bragging just a little) 🙂

I think his choice of discipline, social work, is a direct reflection of his character.  He has always had a heart for the under-served and undervalued.  He is, as they say “a bleeding heart,”  albeit a sarcastic one, but bleeding none the less.  🙂

The coined quote of the ceremony were these words from Dr. Martin Luther King.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Truly words to think about and consider on a daily if not hourly basis.



Phillip and Todd tend to stick a bit

The Dean

Family Shots

Feeling old now

Phillip and Todd  (good grad-school friend)


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