We had a graduation/cinco de Mayo party this past Saturday.  We hadn’t really thought about the date when we scheduled Phillip’s graduation party for the 5th.  But after a few people asked if it was a cinco de mayo celebration, we asked my dad to bring his margaritaville machine.   He kindly obliged and set up shop in the garage.  After all, what’s a Cinco de Mayo party without margaritas?

He took his job seriously.  Each batch was subjected to rigorous taste testing to ensure the highest quality margarita.

We aslo enjoyed all the yummy food brought by guests, s’mores for dessert and of course, a competitive bocce ball tournament.

The winners, Matt and Mason….after everyone else forfeited.

Chris and Jess flew in and surprised Phillip for the occasion.  We are blessed with such great friends. Here are a few of them…..

Bill “helping” the kids with their chalk art

Nikki, Melissa and I

Crazy Greenville College connections

So glad I have had a chance to reconnect with these ladies.

Jasmine, Hazel and I

honored to be a part of her wedding next year!

Christopher Chamblee ladies and gentlemen………

gone by 9:45, Chris is really starting to show his age

A few parting shots before Chris and Jess flew back to Atlanta this morning, sad.

*Hazel took the bottom one, not too bad eh?


In other news the open house went great!  We had three families come through, two of which are supposedly very interested.  We shall see how it goes.  We have another showing tonight.  It’s nice to at least have people finally coming though and giving positive feedback.  Wish us luck!


One thought on “Cinco de Mayo/graduation partay!

  1. Yes!!! I finally made the blog. I’ve been waiting so long 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a great party. And congrats again, Phil!

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