Just got word this evening on the home inspection last Friday.  Drum roll please…….The couple does not want any repairs, they just want the house!  Not that I can blame them, it is spectacular 🙂  I have a feeling they are pretty cool and we are soooooo thankful.  And also thank you for all of the prayers being sent our way, now on to the appraisal so keep em coming!!! 🙂

Now onto cuter things!

The kids are growing and changing like crazy here are just a few recent examples……


For starters, we lost Callum’s “nigh night,” aka pacifier, at Mema and Papa’s last weekend. He only took it at night, but we decided it was a good time to be done with it. It was a little rough at first, but he seems to be settling in now. Today he even decided to nap in the big kid bed. I asked him if he wanted to and he replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!”  I laid alligator down next to him and told him not to move so I am not sure if he was frozen in fear or drifted off into a peaceful big boy slumber  Either way, he fell asleep!  Yay!


Hazel had her first non-mom influenced friend over the other day from school. Single tear. Aren’t they cute??? Well Hazel actually looks a little scary, but you know what I mean.

She has been asking to have her over all year so us moms finally decided, with 2 weeks left of school, it was time to plan something.  Curly heads have to stick together.  How else will they learn new hair care techniques?


We went to a totally awesome park nearby the other day and I was amazed at how independent Callum has become. Most of the time it’s not by choice, rather, due to abandonment from his sister when she decides he can’t be within a ten square mile radius of her and must evacuate immediately. Oh well, he has adapted well and seemed to be having a good time.

What a Climber!


Hazel on the swing wearing leggin’s, yet another exciting development.  This was the first pant-like clothing she has worn in months, a major breakthrough!

Hazel and Haley

Mia and Haley


In other big-kid news, our kids now know how to drive, thanks to MeMa’s garage sale find.  The kids LOVED the Jeep and played on it until the battery was shot.  Now I have a 4-year old backseat driver on my hands “Mommy what petal are you pushing on now?”  “Mommy, I know how to make a car turn too.” “Mommy, you can go now, the light is green.”   And so on and so forth…..

Love this one


It was all fun and cute until I saw these two and their shinanigans and my mind flashed forward 14 years and I nearly had a heart attack.

“Caleb and Callum”

Cute at 2, partners in crime at 16

“Hey Callum, check that out over there!”

“I need a closer look Caleb, you take the wheel.”

“Sure thing cuz.”

“sweet, why didnt we think of this sooner?”


Then they all did some off- roading, golf cart style

the big boys

lets compare shall we??

2 years ago

too much big-kidness

And now I am weeping

I am now going to hope that all of this growing up slows down just for a minute so I can catch my breath.


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