Hazel had her end of the year program this past Friday and it was adorable, of course.

Her class sang about 6 songs and then the teacher handed out special “character awards.”  Hazel won the “sweet and helpful” award.

She was very shy up on stage and afterwards made the comment “Why were all of those people there watching me mommy?”  Obviously, she thought all of the other parents and grandparents were there to watch her and that’s why she acted so shy.  Future actress in the making 🙂

Her friend Haley wanted to come and watch Hazel’s concert as well, so we picked her up that morning and brought her along.  What a supportive friend.  She made her way into all of the group shots, haha, the more the merrier!

It was so hard saying goodbye to Hazel’s first year teachers.  especially with so much uncertainty about next year.  But Hazel had such a positive experience and we are so grateful her first real school experience was a great one!

Hazel and Ms. Amy

Hazel and some of her class mates at the end of year picnic, showing off their freezer pop colored tongues.

Waiting for the program to start, eating donuts

We may have had 2 or 6 (Donut face Haley)

Rainbow theme, love it

starting to warm up a bit

little scoundrel, he would NOT sit still (his face says it all, don’t be fooled by the cuteness)

Hazel and her teachers, Ms. Amy and Ms. Jan (and Haley 🙂

walking to the car, safety first!

Showing off her fancy award

We are so proud of our little preschooler, I cannot believe how time has flown by.

Wasn’t this just yesterday?????

baaawaaaahaaaa (that is me crying) why do I do this to myself???


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