We had a beautiful day last week and we took the opportunity to take, potentially, our last trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  The zoo is one of our favorite city stops, it has a lot to do with its being free!  We even got a little crazy and took the kids to our favorite vietnamese restaurant “Tank Noodle.”  While we downed our bowls of Pho soup, Hazel and Callum quietly colored and drank, our favorite, Coconut/Avacado smoothies.  I know how it sounds, but trust me it is delish! It was a delightful day.

First stop: sunscreening, Callum is hilarious he always squints his eyes and opens his mouth.  We, of course, tell him to close it before spraying.  And I know spray cans are terrible for the environment, but seriously, spray sunscreen is one of my favorite inventions.

Stopping to gaze upon the seals

funny monkeys, they are always entertaining

In the llama/alpaca area an inner city daycare group was on a field trip and all of the kids were calling these horse dogs, haha.

gazing upon the city  (notice Hazel is in the stroller)

Partial group-shot

We are excited for our next adventure, but there are so many things we will dearly miss.


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