Lauren and I took the girls (Hazel and Addi) to visit great grandma and grandpa last weekend while we were home

Grandma had had a close call after some pace maker/heart med issues so we stopped in to tell her to stop scaring everybody with her critical care visits.

She had no idea what was going on but we managed to get her awake and talking

We wheeled Grandpa down the hallway from Restorative Care, where he dwells.

He had been worried about her since she wasn’t in her usual room

He was so happy to see her

All he wanted to do was stand and give her a kiss, but he had an alarm on his chair that would sound off everytime he made an attempt.

I told her that I hope my husband still wants to risk a fall to give me a kiss after 70 years of marriage.

Luckily, Lauren caught a nurse in the hallway and she kindly obliged to helping us make this magical moment happen

then, grandma kept falling asleep while grandpa was pouring his heart out to her

It was pretty funny

We would tickle her feet until she woke up and paid attention to him with her slow nods and long blinks.

The girls ate starbursts to pass the time.

Grandpa was in good spirits

Whether either of them will remember, these two sweet girls filled their hearts and faces with joy.

We prayed and left.

It was a good visit.


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