Did I even mention our house appraised!?  Well it did, it’s official.  June 22nd is our last day living in Chicago.

We still don’t know where we are headed next, but we are getting closer to knowing…We think.


We are making our “last stops”

We traveled Lakeshore Drive into the city last week and stopped to spend some time at the beach

I always forget how much I love the city

It’s such a pain to get to, and parking is rediculous, but we always have a good time whatever we do.

The kids LOVED the water and sand

notice the sea gull swooping in for the shot

It was a tad chilly by the water, but the sky was so blue and gorgeous

We walked the pier

Waved to our reflection’s in the water

and said our “good byes” to the beautiful Chicago Skyline.

Although, this will be the easiest thing to leave

friends/family…..not so much

then Callum rolled in the sand

apparently he hadn’t met his dirty-ness goal for the morning, so he made sure to remedy that quickly


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