Salem Nature Walk

side-note:  Thank you farm and nature discovery preschool for helping to instill an excitement for exploration and discovery in my daughter.  Hazel, though scared of flies (she has been stung twice this year by bees so she thinks all winged bugs are bees), will grab a frog or turtle without batting an eye.  She is also an expert lightening bug catcher.  At preschool they focus almost all lessons around nature, teaching the children to be observant, respectful, and appreciative of their world.  Now she wants to go on nature walks and creek walks.  We talk about colors, textures, smells, sounds and she asks lots of good questions about animals, what they eat and where they live (most of which I can’t answer).  We look for tracks in the woods and decipher what animal might have made them. It is so fun to see her “in her element” she really is developing a love of nature and the outdoors.  She asked about ten million times to go down to Me Ma’s creek and pick up trash.  These are all good things that I am so glad she picked up on young.

(Hence why all the kids have bags in the pictures)

Little girl in a big world

We stumbled upon some excitement on the nature trail

He was not nearly as excited to see us as we were him

walking stick

Caleb found a walking stick

Callum found a walking twig

She just had to get a little muddy

She found an animal track!

weird mushroom sighting


“That’s why I come up here, NATURE, Goulet!”

(That SNL reference is for katie and my brother)

But I can’t bare to leave anyone out of the loop so here is the hilarious WIll Farrell skit


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