Phillip is interviewing today in Klamath Falls, Oregon, for what seems like his dream job. High adventure behavioral therapy for young adults.


He interviewed last week in Virginia at a High school/Boarding school, and he really liked that position as well.

So tomorrow, we will know which direction we are headed, east or west

The moving truck is literally packed up waiting on our driveway, which way we will be heading, we still don’t know.

The timing of all of this is just too crazy, we close on our home in 3 days, we find out where we will be moving/living for the next two years, at least, in 1.

I guess I should be freaking out, but really I am just excited.  Sad, of course, to leave our friends and family, but looking forward to this next chapter of our lives.


Here are some pics of our last week in Chicago, so far….

Phillip finally did the Nona’s pizza challenge, 30 minutes to eat two slices

he completed in 29:41, victory!

don’t be fooled, those slices are huge, once slice fills up a whole tray

Denos also finished his in under 30 minutes

well done you two, we are all so proud!

Also, we found Callum sleeping like this the other night

I had a momentary freakout when I did my nightly check-in, scanned the bed, and he wasn’t in it.

apparently he was hot???

PS, the room was pitch black, with only a little hallway light shining in

I thank my low-light capable camera for these no flash shots 😉

Then last night Hazel had a sleep over with Haley, Mia and Dahlia

I use the term “sleep over” very loosely.  Those girls talked, giggled, and took group potty trips till about 11pm!  They were still pretty cute though.

Haley and Dahlia praying, precious

camera hog

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a


until then, we will all be hanging in suspense.


2 thoughts on “Last Week in Chi-town

  1. How exciting! Looks like we will miss each other yet again, and by 1 week 😦 We will get our kiddos together one day! Let me know when you guys go back to the QC sometime, we might just be crossing paths.

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