My parents have a large pile of dirt in their front side yard

it was intended for garden making

But dad opened it up to the kids for playing purposes

They are in mud/dirt/worm, heaven

They have played in said pile of dirt for at least an hour each day since we have been here

Funny turn of events: tidy Hazel LOVES to be muddy, messy Callum HATES to be dirty, he constantly asks to have his shoes and hands hosed off.

Hazel also fearlessly goes and searches for worms (which she calls snakes)  she isn’t even the tiniest bit squeamish.

(this is a stick, not a worm)

Thanks Curious George for teaching my kids about composting

Callum scooped a pile of dirt and put it onto the seat of the trike and said “uh oh, there’s compost in my seat!”

Hazel also continuously mixes batches of “compost” to feed the plants

They are very GREEN kids

Please notice there is not a spect of dirt on her dress

how is this even possible?



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