Our friends Jill and Marl (whom we stayed with in Eugene for the Olympic Trials) bought the kids their first “duck” paraphernalia.  I was trying to get a picture of them in their new shirts to send in a thank you card.  The series of shots I ended up with was pretty funny, I just had to share.  Just so you know, I never did get a very good card- worthy shot.

I give you “The DUCKS”

funny ducks

loving ducks

stoic duck/fun guy duck

singing ducks

controlling duck/ “here we go again..” duck

hair eating duck

guilty duck/got his pay-back times 10 duck

smiling yet refusing to look at camera ducks

please make this stop, near tears ducks

And what always happens whenever the goal is for a cute shot of them together?

we end up just doing individual shots

oh well

Thanks for the shirts Jill and Marl! 

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