The kids and I have been/will be, living with my parents until August. Phillip had to start work in early July, but will fly back for my cousin, Lauren’s, wedding.  After that, we will ALL drive back out to Oregeon for the official move.   Although we have really been missing him, we have had some fun visitors that have helped to make the time go by faster.

We are not too from Chicago, for the time being, so some of our good friends have made mini trips to visit us one last time before we are no longer within reasonable driving distance. 🙂

First, the Coffees (Chris, Jasmine, Dahlia and Kobe) came for a stay at “Ulrey B&B”

Jasmine and I got leg and foot mud treatments

then we showered up and headed out for ice cream

the kids

Jasmine and me

I wasn’t sure if he was eating or snorting his ice cream ( and yes his nails are painted blue)

Mooma and the girls (nice face Hazel)

Chris and Kobe walking by the mighty Mississippi

River man, Callum

back at the house we played in the basement

the boys discovered some boxing gloves

Then they ganged up on Chris

then the girls decided to join in

poor Chris

We had a great time and miss them terribly

But we had to regroup quick for our next round of visitors!

Becky and the girls came to town a few days later

reading before bedtime

fruit snacks so we could have 3 uninterrupted minutes at a shop

We tried to get a group shot outside of the Buffalo Bill Museum

this was the best one

Dad and mom gave us a Biaggis gift card and 3 hours of free babysitting!

so Becky and I had a date night!

it was glorious

we actually tasted AND enjoyed our food while enjoying real adult conversation

thanks mom and dad!!  FOR REAL!!!

(we got all gussied up since no one would be pulling/hanging/wiping gross hands on our fancy duds)

Boopa on babysitting duty

We have some pretty great friends

I will miss these people terribly

However, I feel so blessed to have them all in our lives

Thanks for visiting!  We look forward to everyone venturing out to the wild west in the near future!


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