(This is about a week late. I am trying to play catch-up so please bare with me!)

We really wanted to visit the whole Squibb/Puricelli/Blair gang one last time before heading West into the great unknown.  We picked a few days that worked for mostly everyone and were able to enjoy the company of over half of Phillip’s cousins and their families for a couple of days.

Phillip’s parents had a dinner for everyone who was in town when we got there on Saturday

Great Grandma Elaine even came

here she is with Hazel

Callum couldn’t be left out of course

After nap times on Sunday we all decided to head to the pool

The kids loved the obstacle course


The girls were so cute in the water together

Finley and Hazel

Of course we spent as much time as possible with Caleb and Grant

I will miss these boys terribly (AND their parents too of course)

reading with Mema

Sweet baby Grant, he has the most kissable cheeks

The boys thought they were hilarious trying on Papa’s Crocs

On Monday night Phillip’s Aunt Kathy and cousin Becca drove in all the way from Missouri to spend some time visiting

we took a family shot

Then Timm and Kendra had a water fight and Hazel thought it was hilarious

Patty made us some special brownies

On the morning of our departure we got some last minute playing in with the remaining kids

Becky took a group shot

(I stole these from her blog)

We said our final goodbyes

I was quickly realizing how different all of these kids will look next time we see them 😦

So sad saying goodbye for who knows how long

but once again I am so grateful to have such wonderful family to miss!

Thanks everyone who made an effort to spend some time with us during our visit!  You will be missed!


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