We went out on the paddle boat the other day to find some frogs.

The kids loved “driving” the boat.

They wanted me to take these pictures of them to show daddy.  Hazel was so proud, she figured out how to reach the pedals and Callum was able to steer ( I use that term very loosely mind you)

Hazel loves to walk along the shore in the mud and squish and dig her toes into the goop

Callum was content to stay on the boat and watch Hazel explore along the shoreline.

He hates the mud, but will fearlessly jump from the dock as long as you assure him he won’t touch any “yucky” stuff on the bottom.  I guess they are both brave in their own individual ways.

I didn’t get any pictures of him jumping in because I was on retrieval duty.  He jumped, I hoisted him out.  He used my legs like a boat ladder hanging off the dock.  Hey, whatever works.

We did find a couple photogenic frogs though.

This was the first little guy we found

And here is froggie #2

We had a fun time exploring our little lake!


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