A more appropriate title would be “the trail to oregon”, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring.

As previously mentioned, we drove over 2,000 miles in two days.

We drove through or brushed seven states: Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and eventually Oregon.

I woke up the first day here in Oregon, to the sun rising over the mountains, it was so incredibly beautiful.  I hope we are able to find a house with a view.

We spent the first couple of days exploring the immediate area. We visited Phillip’s work, drove through the local neighborhoods, went to “Dutch Bros Coffee” (twice), played at a couple of beautiful parks, took in the sights, got a YMCA membership and went swimming, went to the library, and things of that nature.

We may venture out to Crater Lake this weekend and if so, will have some spectacular pictures to share I am sure.

But for now, we are here, settling in and LOVING the scenery.  Oregon is spectacularly beautiful. Period.

some dried up salt lakes outside of Utah

It is really bright here, Klamath boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, so we better get used to it

“Moore Park”

Touring some of the beautiful neighborhoods

found a lot we should build on, with this for a view 🙂

Mt. Shasta to the far right of pic

Lots of steep hills around here

I tried to get a picture but it doesn’t really capture it fully

hope we don’t burn up all of our breaks right away 🙂

(notice the “K” on the mountain)

Then we headed to Klamath Lake, just down the hill from our apartment

the kids were enthralled by the geese

then I bribed them with candy to sit still for this shot

And this was the best we could do

Expect much more to come!

And please feel free to start sending dates of when you all will be coming to visit! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Oregon Trail

  1. Your Oregon is so beautiful, and I love 300 days of sunshine, I wish we had that. The children look like they have grown since you left. They are so adorable. Sure do miss you all. Things here are pretty busy, Angel just had surgery for removal of tumors, the doctor say hopefully everything looks good. Love and miss you all

  2. I am very happy you made it safely there! I cannot wait to hear more about your adventures and settling in stories. I am off to hanging out with Nikki today; I wish you were going to join us for girl time 🙂

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