Chaos =’s Our lives the past two weeks

Why you ask? Well….

1. My cousin Lauren got married, Yay! (Much more on that to follow)

2. Phillip flew in for the wedding after being gone for 5 weeks (the kids didn’t recognize him…..seriously)

3.  We packed up the rest of our lives in Illinois (tears)

4. We said our tearful goodbyes to family (lots and lots and lots of tears)

5. We drove 2,000 miles to Oregon, with the kids this time.  We actually made it in two days, the kids were troopers!

6. We are settling into our new lives here in K Falls while adjusting to a two hour time change, a new home/apartment, and, well,  a new everything else.

Needless to say, the blog took the back burner  (also we didn’t have internet until this evening).

I have a lot of catching up to do and LOTS of fun things to share so I will start with my second half of the summer summary and there will be much more to follow.


Leaving my parents was especially difficult after spending most of the summer with them.   The kids and I miss them so much already.  Our time was filled with sweet moments like Callum running down the stairs into the kitchen to greet Boopa every single morning, Hazel making cookies with Mooma, and just watching my parents love on and play with the kids. It was such a special time.  And although we tried our best to soak up every last drop of every moment we had together, it doesn’t make leaving any easier.


making sugar cookies with Mooma

Downtown Rock Island has an adorable splash pad and park we went to one day with dad.  It’s right on the river

then some days we just stayed home and stacked toilet paper and kleenex

One of the highlights for me from our time in Port Byron was reconnecting with my friend Brooke from high school

We both have kids about the same age and got back in touch via facebook and the blog world

we decided it would be fun (haha) to catch up (hahahaha) while running the Bix7 together

its a 7 mile road race I have always wanted to run, but never have)  hence the “hahahaha’s”

Brooke agreed to the “suicide run” and we did it!  We ran the whole way, I won’t say how slow, but that’s neither here nor there.  We did it!



Hazel spent lots of time bonding with Franco, here they are under the kitchen table, I think the feelings were mutual

Callum found Boopa’s spectacles and wore them around one morning, he said “they help me see” probably not a good sign…

We dropped by the nursing home to visit the grandparents

We were told about a cute little ice cream shop just down the river, so naturally we had to go

it was adorable

enjoying the view with Mooma and Boopa

And last but certainly not least,

we had yet another birthday party for monkey

this monkey is one lucky dude
stay tuned, much more to come!!!





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