The most anticipated event of the summer:

Lauren and Chris’s wedding day.

August  4th

It was finally upon us.


We readied at the Hotel Blackhawk

The Bride to be “Before”

(she may kill me for this but I think she is beautiful with or without makeup)

mmmmm mimosa, 🙂 (Thanks Ginny)

Beautiful Mother of the bride aka Aunt Vikki, looked on as Lauren got ready

They exchanged letters

The little girls got their hair done as well.

They were adorable

Nails too!


No detail was overlooked. The day was to be a flawlessly beautiful occasion. No one ever saw it coming, after a drought filled summer.  But sure enough, the day of the wedding brought with it massive storms/tornados/power outages.

All around fun things for fancy ladies with professional hair and makeup transporting from the hotel to the powerless church.

Lauren donned her dress in the dark fitting room of the church, while we all tried to fan her with whatever we could find.  At one point she was fanning herself with a spatula from the church kitchen.

But power or no, she was beautiful and the ceremony, albeit hot, was perfect.

The beautiful chapel was filled wih stain glass windows which let in the perfect amount of natural light. And the wedding proceeded, on time.  The ceremony was beautiful and all the boob/back/forehead sweat couldn’t change that.  And just as the precessional was exiting down the center isle, the power came back on!   Yay, time to dry off before pictures!


pictures courtesy of tworivers photography

Cal man was a ring bearer and Hazel was a flower girl

Father and Daughter

Dad gave the homily, he was fabulous

Chris wrote vows for Addi, so precious

The wedding

MOH and BM

There was indeed sunshine after the rain and we were able to head outside for pictures!

Aren’t they cute?

Loved this idea

Partay bus!

Scared for my life, but I vowed to protect Addi at all costs.

The cake, wow, just wow

The Flowers, wow again

The toast (please note my AWESOME hair, Jenna did a killer job)

The Beautiful Bride


dollar dance

yeah, who didn’t see this coming?

Cal man danced the night away

seriously, he never stopped dancing

and he was this serious the whole time

Hazel loved the dance as well

mom looked lovely as well

What a perfect day.  I was honored to be Lauren’s maid of honor.

Congrats Lauren and Chris! Thank you for including all of us in some special way on your wedding day.  We had such a great time!  We wish you the best in love and in life.

What a beautiful couple!

(I forgot to even mention the dress, is it not stunning?!  She had the strap added.  It was the perfect touch.  What a gorgeous day filled with gorgeous people!)


3 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE – looks like an incredible day with a gorgeous bride! And you my cuz…. stunning! The kids… too much! Your mom and dad… how I love them so!

  2. Love all these pictures, they are so beautiful! I especially loved the picture of Hazel in the purple dress…it is just precious!

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