I am pretty sure our realtor STRONGLY Dislikes us by this point (This is not the “exciting news”)

After making three offers on three different houses (which went nowhere) we were ready to give up, or build!

We were hard to please in the whole house searching process

No I take that back, not really hard to please, just hardened by the cruel Chicago world/housing market.  We were naive going into our first home buying experience which jaded us big time.  This time around we were determined to be “smarter.”  Which means Phillip brought a step ladder and flashlight to every house we looked at, yep.  He double checked roofs, attics, crawls, you name he was on it/in it. Also, we refused to pay what a lot of these people are asking for their 1970’s- need a ton of work, houses.  We weren’t finding much….

As a last ditch, only half serious effort, Sherry, our realtor, said she knew of a couple who had a cute house on the market last summer but had someone interested in renting almost immediately so they just rented it instead.  She called, asked if they were interested in selling, and they said yes.  It’s a small town you know. 😉

We looked at it and it was nearly perfect, except for the roof.

Phillip (and his step ladder)brought it to attention.  We had an estimate before placing an offer and the roofer guy found 4 layers of shingles!!!!  Is that even legal?  We had to take that enormous financial and physical undertaking into consideration, but was very helpful in the negotiating process.  Next summer we are going to rip that baby off and maybe add an attic bedroom????? (One can dream)

Anyway, this house has lots of potential and incredible charm.  We settled on a price this afternoon and could not be more excited, fourth times the charm!  (this is the exciting news) Although, since there is a renter, we can’t close and move in as soon as we would like, but that gives me more time to finalize paint colors and fix up whatever we need before moving in.  We have some big plans for this house!  I am so excited!  Pinterest here I come!

Here are a few pics of our new mountain cottage, YAY!

The yard is a bit overgrown, but has apple trees and strawberry bushes scattered throughout the landscaping.  It really just needs a bit of TLC and will be magnificent.

Probably not my first choice for the exterior color combo, but it works well and was nicely done

Love the porch, light fixture and front door (sorry for the blur)

The family room as you enter the house.

This is what I am thinking…..love the wall length mantel with built in storage

office with glass french doors off of living room (standing in informal dinning room for picture)

kitchen, we have big plans for this, new cabinet doors, moving oven where fridge is and cutting wall to half wall/breakfast bar.  We like open floor plans, if you couldn’t tell by all of my wall destroying talk.

this wall where fridge is cut in half

something sort of like this……

We HAVE to find a new home for microwave NOT on the counter taking up valuable space!

there is also a very cute eat-in nook off of the kitchen

stairway down to basement bedrooms, I have some cute ideas for this too!  Lets brighten this dungeon up!

maybe this????

or this……(I know, I know mom, “white stairs?  Not very practical.”) But they are sooooooo cute

No bedroom pics because the current renters are very much consuming every inch of this house and no pictures I took really captured the rooms, just the stuff in the rooms, if you know what I am saying.  I will post bedroom pics once all is cleared away!

Here is a bit of the back yard and back of house

It’s hard to see, but they put in all of these adorable Nantucket style outdoor light fixtures, so stinkin cute!

And like I said, overgrown, but doable

the renter is a traveling nurse and gone a lot so I guess I can forgive her 🙂

and that is a mud room you are looking at from the outside, which will also be great to have

Well that’s all for now

Stay tuned for more house updates and pics!

2 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Amanda!! It is ADORABLE!!!!! I’m so excited for you guys and all the possibilities you have awaiting for your new home. Congratulations!

  2. So cute! I love all your ideas. When you mentioned an attic bedroom….I was recalling when I came to visit you guys one summer. You had a neighbor across the street and the older girl had an attic bedroom and I thought it was the most amazing bedroom EVER!

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