Sorry for the lack of posts lately, there hasn’t been much “blog-worthy” stuff to share.

Here are a few brief updates:

1. The inspection of our house went very well, looks like it’s going to be ours Oct 10th!

2. Phillip is on a camping/hiking/fishing/skiing trip with his work at Mt.Hood, near Portland.  Sounds rough I know.

3. The kids and I are headed to Redding, CA to visit my long time BFF Yasmeen!  I am so excited to be living 2 hours away from her!

4.  After we get back from seeing Yasmeen, we are then headed to Portland to visit Dorian for a few days and pick my dad up who is flying in on the 5th and staying for two weeks!  Yay, our first visitor!

5. We went to “Symphony in the Park” this past week.  It was free and fun.  The kids mostly wanted to run around and dance, but that was okay since we were at the park. Also, they handed out free ice cream.

6.  I have finalized colors for the house!  The color pallet is going to look pretty much like this for the upstairs.  I am not too adventurous as far as branching out in my color choices.  But I have decided to bring in some blue/gray which I haven’t used on walls before, so thats exciting :).

7.  I want to do this on one (small) wall in our bathroom.  How cool is this?!  Hand painted stenciling!  Time consuming but cheap and no wall paper!

8.  Also, I was starting to feel a little lonely this week and was so blessed when my sister in law Kendra called out of the blue to skype, then my friend Joy called and also Becky, in the same day.  The Lord truly provides.

9.  Got the kids “back to school” hair cuts and Callum’s was a tragedy.  I think the lady may have had an arm spasm, or a mini stroke while cutting, nay, BUZZING Callum’s hair.  She wasn’t very nice either, when she found out we were new to town she asked where we were from, when I said “Chicago”, she responded with “Oh, Chicago, did you come to teach us something?”  (I don’t even know what that means and btw, we won’t be back)

So Hazel, Buzz Light Year and I, left the “fancy” salon unimpressed and highly unsatisfied.

His straight across bangs look like Jim Carrey’s hair in “Dumb and Dumber”

Poor guy

10. We have met a few couples in the past few weeks who have kids and have had a few play dates/dinners.  We are starting to settle in a bit better.  I will say, apartment living is not for me.  I need to paint and create.  I feel so confined by these (very small) rented walls.  Looking forward to October, its a big month for me!

I will be turning 30 in October!  Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend everyone!


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