We have been spending the last few days in Redding, California with my lifelong BFF, Yasmeen.  We haven’t seen eachother for over two years.  It was a happy reunion.  The kids have loved playing with Yasmeen and we have been having lots of fun together, catching up.

Day one: Yasmeen adjusted us all at her office!  Yay for a friend who is a chiropractor!

After Yasmeen got home we headed to Whiskeylake to spend the afternoon on the beach and in the water.  The kids had a great time.  It was beautiful of course.

We had our own private section of the beach

local wildlife

“The pony express” aka, Yasmeen gave them rides on her back in the water

Callum really likes Yasmeen’s shades

Once last Horsie ride before we depart!

The kids think anyone on or near the ground is fair game to “ride” on

I have learned my lesson and whenever I feel led to spontaneously do a sit up or push-up, I head somewhere more private.   🙂

Thanks for a great visit Yasmeen, we thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you in Redding


We are headed to Portland for the next leg of our journey.  We will be spending a few days with Uncle Dorian, we are so excited!


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