My dad and brother have been in town for the past several days

Dorian headed back to Portland yesterday afternoon and dad is staying till Friday

As you can probably imagine, we have been hitting all the hot spots and have been taking TONS of pictures

It has been a really good “touristy” run through for us 🙂

On our trip to Klamath from Portland, we stopped to visit our friends in Eugene.  It was a good stopping point in the journey since it is an hour and a half out of Portland and three hours from Klamath.  It breaks up the trip nicely.

Jill and Marl also have a heated pool.  The kids (Dorian included) enjoyed it tremendously.

Day #2:  We hit up the farmers market and visited Crater Lake (of course)

Callum thought this was a snake.  He was being so cautious and funny.

We also toured the new house so dad could measure the furnace and figure out some projects he could work on from Illinois. 🙂 Our close date got moved to the 2nd of October, yippeee!!!

Doe and Cal man relaxing on the front porch

The neigborhood squirrels were extremely friendly, literally coming up to our feet.  Kind of creeped me out.

Day #3:  Took a trip out to the Lava Beds in California

There are tons of caves so we did a bit of underground exploration

Turns out, I have become a bit claustrophobic in my old age and wasn’t really digging the dark, dank caves.

Hazel and I exited and sunbathed on the rocks outside

Here are the kids exploring in a field near the lava beds entrance

Callum was about to run off so we told them there were rattle snakes in the grass

They quickly returned to the car

Day #4- Hazel started school and we went on a family picnic at a lovely park nearby.

You are never too old to enjoy swinging

ALSO, I am teaching a youth theatre class at Klamath’s Ross Ragland Community Theatre (Yay, very exciting)

I was brushing up on my stage makeup/effects skills

Dorian was a willing volunteer








There is really nothing else I can post after that and since you have probably lost your lunch I bid you adieu! 🙂


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