My boy likes to dance around in his skivvies.

also, they pick out their own jammies

and wear said jammies on their heads

Also, we don’t have a yard here at our lovely rental, just lots of deadly lava rock, therefore we are limited to playing on the driveway

so we got creative

Phillip did not appreciate my oddly placed stop lights, but what does he know

And we LOVE Break The ICe

I take that back, the kids love it

I HATE all of the tiny pieces and how long it takes to put together for 30 seconds TOPS of pounding plastic cubes

Also, I think this picture is pretty funny

Uncle Dorian is trying to have a sweet moment with the kids- ruined by Phillip

And guess what else?

I am lazy and implemented “sup in a cup” the other night

I layered all of their food in a “snack cup”

it was a hit

I layered apples, turkey, cheese and a few fish on top, they gobbled it up AND I didn’t have to clean up a messy kitchen afterwards

we are going to look at this table we found on Craig’s List tomorrow night.

I am picturing brightly colored chairs, a darker stained top and white or black pedestals.  Very excited, we have never had an actual dining table!

Thank you pinterest 🙂

We will let you know how it goes! 🙂


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