-New blog look!  Finally upgraded from Squibb3 to 4, Callum is finally officially included.

-We are finally starting to settle into a routine here in Klamath Falls

-The weather here is seriously phenomenal, sunny everyday.  It is cool in the shade and warm in the sun.  I can be comfortable in shorts or jeans, its crazy!

-Hazel is loving school, she comes home so happy and excited to go back.

-She also started gymnastics this week and I met a new mom friend at her class.  We exchanged numbers, yay!  There was only one other girl in Hazel’s class and two instructors so she pretty much got undivided attention, which is exactly what she needs in a setting like that. (she tends to lose interest quickly)

-I joined a women’s bible study which was really good, but conflicts with a mom’s group in town I want to go to which  meets every other week, so I may have to alternate those two.

-I also teach a theatre class Tuesday nights, 4 kids signed up and it is going great!  I hope to get the word out and teach more classes next session.

-I started attending a zumba class and working out at the YMCA.  We love having a membership there.  They even provide childcare. The kids love swimming in the pool, so it has been a great investment.  Hazel even took the swim test last week  (child swims in front of the lifeguard to one side of the pool then swims back on their back)  Hazel did it!  No lessons, just lots of practice at the Y pool!

-We found yet another AMAZING antique store this week…..more on that to come….

-This town is beginning to grow on me 🙂

-We got invited to go on a picnic next week with some of the kids and mom from Hazel’s class.

-Phillip had to work late Friday night so the kids and I had a picnic and made s’mores in the oven

(we decided not to camp this weekend, too much to get ready before the big move!)

such talent

We got the table from Craig’s List!

Here is my newest inspiration


red or blue chairs, what do you think?

Today we are picking up the stain and reserving a sander for the floors in the new house.  Phillip is going to DIY the refinishing of the hardwood.  I have no doubt he will do a great job, he is, after all, a perfectionist.

-I will be turning 30 exactly one month from yesterday!  AAAAAHHHH.

-We got ourselves a $10 pizza hut pizza for our Saturday fun night.  (BTW- Why is it that whenever we call and ask for that “$10 any size” deal (no matter what pizza hut) they pretend they don’t know about it?  Does anyone else have that happen?  I mean, is the hut trying to pull some kind of weird marketing scam?  If so, please know this pizza hut, your pizzas are only delicious when they are $10, no more.

End rant

-we took our pizza to the park at Hazel’s school and ate it

It looked like it might storm which is extremely weird

We don’t even check the weather anymore since it is always nice

Hazel’s school, how cute

She takes her play time very seriously

We also have been hitting up the garage sales this weekend

nothing much to report

Callum got a fake snake and we found some vintage aprons

-We went for a drive last night and saw some local wildlife


And last but not least

-the sunset over Klamath Lake last night was stunning

-ready for a new week to begin as we get closer and closer to closing on our house!

only 9 more days!

_______________The End______________



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