We got the keys yesterday! Home owners for the second time, hard to believe….

I have been laying up at night, my mind full of ideas for this house!

There is so much potential, but with two children in tow 99.9% of the time, Phillip working 10 hour days, and my dad 2000 miles away, my hands are kind of tied at this point.

It will be slow going so I have to constantly remind myself “baby steps Amanda, baby steps”

But I am more of a lets do it all RIGHT NOW, type of person

Today I took the kids over and was able to do some cleaning, “woo hoo” (said with no excitement whatsoever)

However, just seeing the house empty was refreshing, so that was good.

We got a special treat at Dutch Bros in celebration of our new home

They have kids smoothies for $2 in these adorable cups!!!!!  Totally reusable too.

Although I feel like I may have opened a whole new can of worms “you mean, mommy’s coffee shop makes drinks for us too???”  (They never knew)

Here are some refreshingly empty pictures of the house from today

The den into living room

I guess that huge mirror came with the house!

the hallway, taken from the den past bathrooms and into master bedroom

upstairs half bath

speaking of blue

Hazel picked out this $1 blue hair at the dollar store the other day

She even took it to school for show and tell

She thinks it gives her magical powers when she wears it with her “Tangled” dress.

She tries to tie ropes to random things around the house.


Also, are these two twins or what?

I will keep everyone up to date with the house progress

my goal tomorrow is to deep clean the kitchen and get it move in ready

I bought some paint to do cabinet touch ups, but for now the kitchen will be the least of our concerns

Phillip is tackling the wood floors by himself Friday and Saturday, prayers would be appreciated 🙂


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