He literally worked for 39 hours straight

He had the sander rented for 24 hours and he used every last second of that

I told you he was a perfectionist

He came home around 10:30pm Saturday night.  He started at 8am on Friday.

He is CRAZY…..

Here is the progress

so far…..

(he is working on polyurethane-ing as we speak)

All the floors sanded and stripped naked 🙂

Like I said, It took him almost exactly 24 hours to get all of the sanding done (about 800 sq ft)  I don’t think he would do it again…

then he started staining yesterday afternoon

(FYI we are dealing with two extremely different types of wood here: fur in the bedroom, office and hallway and oak in the living/dining room)

He finished staining late last night

His eyes were completely red and bloodshot from the toxic fumes, dust and exhaustion.

check out this before and (almost after) of our closet

nicely done honey, nicely done!

I can’t wait to share pics when they are all shiny and finished

I painted the kitchen yesterday as well

(sorry for the mess)

The color is Hollingsworth Green by Benjamin Moore

AND, wait for it……. chalkboard paint on the far right wall!

“OH no she didn’t!!!!”

My new friend, Tammy,  is coming over in the am to watch the kids.

She offered her care taking services as an early birthday present so I could get some work done at the house!  How does she know me so well already???  All I want to do is paint for a few interrupted hours!!!!

I surely will have more to share after tomorrow morning!  Stay tuned!


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