Long story short:   The floors

After 39 back-breaking hours of work, Phillip went to apply the finish and the floors started to bubble. Luckily, he stopped and did not continue.  He sought professional help and an AWESOME floor guy was able to come in and do some buffing and apply a non-bubbly finish.  Thankfully all of Phillip’s work was not in vain and, as he says, he still gets to keep his “man card.”

Here they are after one coat of finish

(this was all I could photograph from where I could stand)

Also, I forgot to share my progress from when my friend Tammy watched the kids the other day.  I got the sunroom painted!!!!


Work done to the room thus far:

LOTS of cleaning

removing of the window mistreatments

painting of the window trim and baseboards

And of course painting the entire room the most amazing yellow ever

Benjamin Moore’s -Hawthorne Yellow
See how happy the kids look? 😉

Here is the room after I tidied it up a bit

(still hope for a new fixture…..one day)

And this is how I am using my find from the antique store!

(I totally stole this idea from a blog I follow btw)

Paint-stravaganza begins on Saturday and we will move in on Sunday and Monday, Yippee!


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