Today was the day

I turned 30

(get it?  backwards 3 with the globed (0) of the light?)  I know, I know, I worked with what I had.

Phillip whisked me away for an overnight in Ashland (a funky cute theatre town about and hour and a half on the other side of the mountain)

We ate and ate and ate (and ate some more)

it was a lot of fun

We also saw the movie “Argo”, which I HIGHLY recommend.  So good.

The fall colors were spectacular.

ALSO, Dutch Bros gives free birthday drinks so you better believe we got me one of those.

Also, we had our first snow today


We were worried we might need to chain up coming over the pass

We lucked out though

As soon as we got back I had to head to the DMV to get a new license, it expired today.  Lots of fun at the DMV.  Luckily I passed the written exam and was awarded my temporarily Oregon License!  It’s official folks!

Mom and the kids prepared a special birthday dinner and “cake”

I am feeling so incredibly blessed today.

What a wonderful birthday full of warm wishes from friends and loved ones and quality time spent with the hubs.  I could not ask for more.


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