To Portland we go!

We have been gone for the past few days in Portland visiting Dorian.  It is always a fun visit and I am loving living closer to my brother, aka Uncle Dorian.  It is still a five hour drive but the scenery along the way is spectacular so it goes by pretty quick actually.

We stayed pretty low-key, hanging out at his apartment most of the time.  The kids played in his Oxygen tent, hehe

And we voted! (Oregon votes completely by mail)

This happened while we were gone

bathroom in basement gutted……to be continued

And trust me, this is an improvement from how it looked before the gutting!  Good riddance nasty bathroom!!!

A bit more esthetically pleasing progress from some other other parts of the house.

hallway gallery

master upstairs bedroom

orange bathroom!  technically “sunset” is the color

love the warmth of the room now

office progress

Tonight we are beginning the sanding on our craigs list table, so hopefully I will have a wonderful result to share in the near future!

As for now, we are continually rearranging and adjusting into our new home and LOVING Mooma being here.

snuggles with grandma


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