My mom (aka, Mooma) headed back to Illinois the day after Halloween.  Her ten day visit went by way too fast.  Her help/presence/love/support was so much appreciated.  She always knows how and where to step in and lend a hand.

This whole move and life upheaval has been really hard for the kids especially.  Having my mom here helped to remind us all that we are still very much loved and cherished even if we are 2000 miles away. I am so grateful we have such wonderful family willing to spend a day in airports to come and see us!!!

Here is a brief recap of her visit.

Of course she was here to celebrate my big 3-0, which was awesome

We visited the pumpkin patch

Mom helped in Hazel’s Preschool class for a day

She enjoyed LOTS of play/snuggle time with the kids

we walked and explored

enjoying the front yard watching for deer

we drank coffee

we lounged

we visited Dorian in Portland for a few days

And of course,  Halloween

I can’t believe I did not take one pic with her and the kids in costumes!!

And while I am so very sad to see her go I look forward to mom and dad both coming back for Christmas and Phillip’s parents coming out for Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for a wonderful visit mom, we love you soooooo much!

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