Yup, I am terrible at blog titles, so that’s the best I could come up with for this one.

Here are some pics of life lately.


Cute dinner guests all “tatted” up

What is with kids and temporary tattoos?  My kids can’t get enough of them.  Thanks Kyle for the Halloween package full of fun goodies!

Also here is a shot of the drive through lanes on $1 drink day at Dutch Bros.  Two lines, both out to the road.  But hey, its worth it for unlimited drinks in whatever size, for a buck! (poor baristas)

In other earth shattering, ground breaking, important news….I painted over the chalk board wall in the kitchen.  It was just too dark, it made the area seem small and not very happy.

Ahhhhhhh that’s better.

Also, I hung the kids art for the “window treatments” in the sunroom, I love it.

And no I don’t clean up before taking pictures, clutter is a way of life.

Convo during the taking of this picture…….

Callum: “look at my big smile mom!”

Me: “awesome bud! Hazel where is your smile?”

Hazel: “I don’t have one, I  have to concentrate on my flower painting.”

Also, we are almost done with our dining room table redo, we have been working hard…….

Get ready for the big reveal tomorrow, hehe, stay tuned!


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