Diana, a new friend here in Klamath, threw a tinker bell tea party party for pre-k girls at our church last night.  We had snacks, decorated popcorn cups with Tinkerbell, stickers and then, of course, we all watched the newest Tinkerbell movie, “Secret of the Wings,” together on the big screen in the youth center.

Three hours of tea party snacks, dress up, and Tinkerbell?  Heaven for a 4.5 year old.

It caused me to reflect on how one person really can make a difference.  One small idea put in motion made about 20 + little girls nights.  No birthday presents to bring, it was simply a Tinkerbell tea party for no other reason then to bring delightment to every little girl who walked through the door.

Hazel was reluctant at first, there were a lot of little girls

can you spot her?

she warmed up once we started to eat

then we decorated our popcorn cups

Diana sprinkled the girls with “fairy dust” as they entered the room to watch the movie. Hazel was thoroughly disappointed when she did not take flight.

we found a spot right next to the Belau girls

All of the Tinkerbell movies are so good, even us moms enjoy them 🙂

When the movie ended Hazel said “I want to watch it again”, so I think it was a hit!

Thank you Diana, and what a lovely time it was.



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