I think we can all agree the basement stairs in our house were………



and gross

(pic from first walk-through)

I painted the walls, skirting and rail a while back, but wasn’t quite prepared to tackle the stairs.

This week i decided I couldn’t take it anymore, and I got to work.

This was my inspiration

First I had to peel off gross non-slip strips made out of nail file material on each step, then sand off the sticky residue left behind

Then I painted the stairs with white floor paint

(remember when painting stairs to do every other step so you can get out!)

*breathing a sigh of relief*, I am already feeling better

I painted three coats of white on each step

it went pretty fast too

(3 coats on every other, almost done)

Then I taped them off and got to the fun park, COLOR!

I used the yellow left over from our sunroom

(Hawthorne Yellow, Benjamin Moore)

yellow runner

with black side stripes

(it looks FAR less perfect up close.  P.S. I thoroughly dislike painters tape, I have yet to find one that doesn’t bleed through)

end frustrated rant

Then I used my handy dandy cricut and cut numbers out of white contact paper

we decided it was too light, so tonight I am taking a sharpie and doing this…….

its working pretty well but it may take a while

So there is my big project for the week!  I am pretty stoked about my new, bright and airy, far less depressing, stairway to the basement.

now to get rid of that DARK basement carpet…..sigh, another day


2 thoughts on “Lets talk about stairs baby

  1. Oh it looks fantastic! Well done! I have those same inspiration pictures on file and have been dreaming of owning some stairs that I could do it on. Super cute. Based on my painting experience and from what I hear in the DYI blogosphere Frog Tape is the way to go. Still not perfect in the no bleed department but certainly a cut above the rest. Check out what my favorite blog younghouselove has to say about it. http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/01/nursery-progress-painting-the-walls-ceiling/ I always appreciate their recommendation because they don’t take any perks ever. So if they say they like a product it is because they actually have used it and think it is quality. Anyway, Great job again on the stairs! I am living vicariously through you and your beautiful new home. Best, Corey

    • I love young house love! You know they just came out with a book?! Anywho, I actually used frog tape, I think since the stairs had a lot of grain ridges it didn’t help with the bleed through. Oh we’ll, thanks for following the blog!

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