Oh where to begin?

On Thanksgiving day our basement flooded with poo water.

sidenote: I was extremely grateful my father-in-law was in town to help Phillip with this gag-tastrophy, also, that we were going to be attending the Dragonfly family Thanksgiving dinner NOT at our house.

back to the poo water= stinky raw chunky grey/brown sewage water.  It overfloweth from the basement drain and bathroom shower and toilet drain which, luckily, is still completely gutted.

Long story short- sick, gag, dry heave, bleach then repeat

Also, did I mention Phillip’s parents are in town for the holiday?  They flew 2,000 miles to enjoy the putrid aroma’s that filled our house.  Alright, now I am just being dramatic.  Anywho, now we are all at a hotel.

(happier times, before we had to evacuate)

Wait there’s more!!!!

The Roto Rooter guy (who came out the day after Thanksgiving because we couldn’t pay the holiday rate) said he remembered coming out to our house (before it was ours) two years ago to service a call.  He said he told the owners the sewer line was no good and needed to be replaced at that time and it was not.  Also, this tasty bit of information was curiously not in the disclosure for the home.  Again, long story short= crappy situation.

Insurance is now involved and a professional cleaning crew came in for a half day on Saturday.  They had to rip out some of the basement carpet (yay) and also had to cut the bottoms off the walls when further seepage was discovered to have soaked into the drywall (gross, sick, gag)

Therefore, (quick recap) basement of house=condemnable

Also, being a holiday weekend NO ONE can help us until Monday.  It has been four very long days wondering what will have to be done, who will pay for it, and if we will EVER be able to move out of the hotel and back into our house.

The good news is… I am trying to have a positive attitude 🙂

The hotel is nice, we have adjoining rooms and the POOL is really nice (I accidentally just typed poo instead of pool), which the kids love. And we are still enjoying our time with the Squibbs.

SO I will end ranting about our gross debacle….for now.

Here are some pictures of our time with the Squibbs, so far.  And don’t worry, no poo water pictures 🙂


Thanksgiving dinner with the Dragonfly peeps.  We had a splendid time, and ate like Kings.

one of the dessert tables

An Oregon sunset, never disappoints

A trip to the Dragonfly Ranch

Winchester and Beretta

Callum and Papa

The chicken wrangler

A bunch of Squibbs

Hotel Living

Oh, and Callum has to get glasses, we discovered this past week.  He started crossing his right eye when focusing.  Apparently he is extremely near sighted, could be why he falls ALL the time.  So there is that….

He is still a cute stinker though 😉

We headed out to Crater Lake this afternoon

Jr. Ranger hat at the visitors center

Crater Lake!

Our first time there with LOTS of snow on the ground

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  At least when people ask we can reply honestly that ours was “crappy” hahahahahahah, get it?


One thought on “Crap

  1. Oh no! That is crappy! 😦 I hope it all gets sorted out and cleaned up soon. I have to tell you though, I was reading that post and my first thought was “Well, at least the stairs going down to the poop are cute.” 🙂

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