Key bullet points.

-Poo water is gone!

-Clean Masters removed ALL basement carpet, yippeeeee!  (I prefer dirty cold concrete to that gross brown carpet, it was the bain of my existence.)  Getting a bid tomorrow on acid staining the concrete!

– Our friend Doug came over and scraped off all of the sharp, dated popcorn ceiling!  Then tonight Phillip painted the ceilings.

This is progress people!!!!

More on the poo crisis………..

We had 3 plumber/drain experts come and to try and figure out the problem.  The first two solutions offered expensive “ideas” as to what might be/fix the problem.   Finally, the third guy actually knew what the issue was (a belly in the line) and (temporarily) fixed our issue for $275.  MUCH better than the upwards of seven thousand dollar ideas the other two companies proposed.  A new line is still in the near future, but for now we will just use thin toilet paper.  🙂

So that’s good, we can use our toilet, except for NOT SO FAST….. poo water got up into the fan of our furnace so we have to get a new one of those now.  Alas, we have no heat!  Tomorrow we find out which “bid” our insurance company wants us to take and then HOPEFULLY we will have heat by the end of the week…or at least by Christmas PLEASE.

Luckily we are so incredibly blessed to have made some great friends via preschool.  They are headed to Disney for the week and have graciously let us “house sit” their GORGEOUS crib.  We are so glad to be out of the hotel.  Although I did thoroughly enjoy shirking my domestic duties, namely: cleaning, temporarily.

Also, the Squibb’s left this past Thursday and although their visit did not go entirely as planned, we still really enjoyed our time spent with them.  Having them here during the “great poo flood of 2012” was a HUGE help to us.

They flew out of Eugene which is only and hour and a half from Portland so after the kids and I dropped them off we drove on up and spent two nights with Dorian, always a fun visit.


gourmet-hotel room style


“Christmas” with Mema and Papa


indoor park in Portlandud4ud5popcorn ceilings gone!

ud8hard at work!
ud7room with carpet


room without

sooooooooooooooooo much better

ud11More progress is in the works I cant wait to share soon!

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