Today was the day my baby girl turned 5!

(don’t get me started on that)

We didn’t have a party like usual, but we still tried to make the day a special one.

We started the morning with a room full of balloons, a special birthday breakfast (banana pancakes) and some presents.

hazel5bday2 hazel5bday4


She got the movie “Brave” and was soooooooo excited.


Callum was a good helper 🙂


I also got a special treat in that I was able to help in Hazel’s classroom for the day.  I usually can’t due to Cal-man (no siblings allowed, for obvious reasons). But Phillip was home for the day so I got to accompany my five year old to school on her very special day!

Hazel and Ms.Lisa



Also, Daddy and Callum brought our new puppy Adabella to school for show and tell.  What a fun morning.


We tried to go to a local funflatables place but it was closed, so after a few tears we opted to move our small party to our house (which is still in disarray).  Luckily, I am trying to learn that it’s okay not to have it all together.  So we delt with the mess, and guess what? No one really cared.  The kids played and watched Brave.

hazel5bday13We, of course, got her free birthday drink (a smoothie) from Dutch Bros 🙂

And both kids ended up falling asleep in the car as we ran some afternoon errands.

I thought the perfect ending to her day would be a Christmas lights tour but she opted to watch Brave again instead.  We allowed it since she is the birthday girl 🙂

PS- THANK YOU for all the calls, texts and facetime love sent Hazel’s way.  We deeply appreciate all the effort made to make sure she heard the song “Happy Birthday” as often as possible :).


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