Due to our home issues we were a bit delayed getting decorated this year.  However, it all worked out alright, we even got our tree on sale! No nature walking to find a tree this year, we went straight to a pre- cut lot and I think we found our most beautiful tree yet!

We started our tree finding day at “Leap”, Dragonfly’s coffee shop, and it just so happened Santa was visiting!

Callum LOVES Santa, Hazel, not so much


on the hunt for the perfect tree!
betterlate2 betterlate3 betterlate4

Callum got the “star” honors this year…….betterlate5

But he got scared up so high, so he relinquished the job to Hazelbetterlate6 betterlate7

Don’t let her cuteness fool you, she poops in her kennel at 4am…..betterlate8

Then the kids (and Phillip) went sledding with the neighbor kids

we have the best street behind our house, it’s not a through street so it is very safe for the kids to play and PERFECT for sledding.betterlate9


He did not like his scarfbetterlate11At the end of a long day…….No explanation needed on this one


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