My heart is very full after this Christmas

Spending quality time with my family truly is the best gift.  My mom and dad flew in the 19th and Dorian braved the blizzards to come down from Portland for a few days.  We were able to be together for Christmas.  Crazy considering we were all in Chicago last year.  Who knew?

Oh, and what a beautiful white Christmas it was, just perfect.


Hazel was sick with the flu the week before Christmas.  She missed a whole week of school.

Luckily she started to perk up once Mooma and Boopa arrived


We have spent most of the holiday break drinking coffee, checking things off of “dad’s to-do list”(house projects for my dad), and playing ALOT of Candyland.  kfxmas1

Callum’s Christmas spoils


kfxmas2 kfxmas3 kfxmas4

It was a “Brave”  Christmas for Hazelkfxmas5



The local HS was so nice to have plowed a few lanes for Dorian’s day-after- Christmas workoutkfxmas7

Mom and I brought refreshments 🙂kfxmas8 kfxmas9

Ada is growing on me

The more she pees and poops outside, the more i like her 🙂


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of the things that REALLY matter.  


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