Soooooooooooooo the pootastrify of 2012 wasnt ALL bad

Sure we were displaced from our house for two weeks which were full of countless headaches and setbacks, AND had to eat out every meal resulting in some inevitable weight gain………….


We did get all the basement carpet and various sub-flooring torn out, compliments of insurance, AND about 2 years ahead of remodel schedule so I guess, in hindsight, I owe poo water a token of gratitude


here is where we are to date:

We ended up sanding and painting the concrete floors.  We were going to have them stained but once they had been cleaned and sanded we discovered they were sealed, therefore they would not absorb the stain without a significant amount more work.  We chose a light tan  floor paint color (it turned out a tad more yellow than we would have liked which kind of clashes with my wall color in the hallway and stairs) but done and done!



After: I still need my tall husband to finish the painting (can you tell?)


here were the hallway and stairs before

can we say dungeon?????


Here it is now, I will be adding more wall art, but a significant improvement still!

We also got new base trim which I love!

(notice my “eleven” got a bit damaged in the fray)



Bathroom progress

the bathroom was gross

trust me, the pictures don’t do the grossness justice





who even knows what was lurking in that shower in the corner

The floor was not level and the laminate was in extremely poor condition.  No wonder they had bath mats everywhere!



Now!  Still waiting on a new light fixture and large mirror, but you get the idea, MUCH better


Before: goodbye lovely beaded curtains


Now: walk-in shower and cubbies instead


Now: The toilet and sink are working, just waiting on the shower

Dave (our carpenter) will return after the first of the year to finish grouting the shower and will insert glass on the half wall!


 Hazel and Callum’s room

This room was a conundrum,  It is a long room with a platform about a half foot up on one side. We finally decided to make that end the “play room” and re-carpeted that space.




Before (notice the popcorn ceiling that is no more, yippee!)


newbath18Before, this carpet makes me want to simultaneously gag and cry.


newbath21After, still not sure how best to use the long closet on the right, so for now, it’s just open


This room went from my least favorite place in the house to a fun bright space the kids (and I) really enjoy.


We still have some more work ahead of us, but I wanted to share the progress with everyone.

Thanks for the support and love through this process, we have appreciated it!

I am feeling so incredibly blessed for all of the positive things that have come out of this seemingly NEGATIVE situation.

2 thoughts on “Basement progress report (Long post)

  1. Still enjoying all the progress pics, so much fun to watch! I’ve been trying to get David to get us a project home but ,alas, he isn’t so handy 🙂 Still renting here in cold Iowa and your blog is just making me itch to get out of renters land and into our own home again. Keep up the creativity Amanda!

    • Thanks Brooke! We had decided this time around we would not get a project house, however budget didn’t afford us a perfect house that needed no updates so here we are again.

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